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Vikrant International is a Merchant Exporter with backbone of the manufacturing unit in Rajkot, Gujarat and successfully performing activities of manufacturing of replacement spare parts for a wide range of air conditioning and refrigeration compressors under the brand name of "VK".
Vikrant International, established in 10th Feb,1994, provides the highest quality of replacement spare parts at the lowest possible cost. Our depot is in Rajkot and we have large quantity of inventory to even meet your urgent requirements of Air conditioning and Refrigeration & Air compressor products.

Kantilal Shah founded and established a company named Vikrant Industrial Mart.He started off his journey as a small entrepreneur for supply of Spare Parts for Air Compressor,Mining and Quarry Equipments,focusing in domestic market.Later on,his sons's joined his business and diversified into the manufacturing and export.

His elder son Prajay Shah established a new firm Vikay Mining Equipments,specially focusing in overseas market to provide quality product with value-added solutions to meet the global customer requirements. Himanshu Shah,the third son of Kantilal Shah joined in mission with Parent's company Vikant Industrial Mart & brother's company of Vikay Mining Equipments. Vikay is a group of company from India involved in different activities of manufacturing, importers and Exporters for Mining and Drilling Equipments, Quarry Equipments and Construction Tools, Replacement Spare parts for Air compressors.
For Mining & Drilling Equipments,Please visit us at: http://www.vikayindia.com
For Air Compressor Parts,Please visit us at: http://www.partsforcompressor.com

Himanshu Shah established a new firm Vikrant International, specially focusing in overseas market for quality spare parts for Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Compressors. With the support of Vikay Mining Equipments, Himanshu Shah established Vikrant International. We are mutually tied up together and hence function as a team together striving towards success in our distinctive fields. We provide you a single market point to meet your demands for spare parts for Mining Equipments, Air Compressors and Refrigeration compressors.


VK warrants all replacement parts supplied by them will be free from defects in materials and workmanship. VK makes no other warranty express or implified. This warranty shall be effective for a period of 60 days from the date of purchase.But shall not be effective unless Vikrant International has received the nonconforming products from the purchaser at our works,with transportation and other charges prepaid, within the said period.

This Warranty shall not apply to any VK product which shall have been altered, or modified in any way. The purchaser's exclusive and sole remedy for breach of contract (including breach of any express or implified warranty other than the above), shall be limited to repair, modification, or replacement at the sole discretion of VK,of the non-conforming product.VK shall not in any event be liable for the cost of any special,indirect or consequential damages to anyone. Merchandise may not be returned without written authorization of Vikrant International.

All Disputes are subject to Mumbai Jurisdiction, India only.
PRODUCT CERTIFICATION VK certify that all replacement parts which we supply for Air Conditioning & Refrigeration and Air Compressor products meet or exceed, as per the recognized industrial standards which are laid down for this type of product or machinery.
QUALITY All VK replacement parts and materials are manufactured and tested in strict accordance with internationally recognized quality assurance standards.
COMPATIBILITY VK guarantee that all replacement parts which they supply are totally compatible and interchangeable with the corresponding original part and all critical dimensions and tolerances are in accordance with original equipment specifications.
MISSION "Our mission is to be the largest supplier of replacement spare parts for reciprocating compressor worldwide."

To achieve this we are constantly striving to improve the quality of our products and remain inconsistent, thereby supplying better quality product every time you order. We have a team conducting R&D in all our products and thereby achieve customer satisfaction to reach our goals."
VISION "We believe that quality leadership is the only key to the long term success in an increasingly competitive global market."

We remain committed to extending the best possible services and assistance to its clients in determining the actual replacement spares required for periodic overhauling / sudden break downs of Compressors for achieving the maximum output and trouble free operations.